I was just looking at section 5.53 of the book, and I’m curious about what happens when the work is don’t and you exit the thread.

Will it redraw dirty components?


I suggest you read
this section
of the book. In short, dirty components (that is, components which have any changes applied to them) are redrawn each time the ProgressIndicator performs a poll to the server.

Exiting the thread can not cause a redraw as such, but in most use cases you’ll want the ProgressIndicator to keep polling until the thread exit condition has been reached. At this point, you can disable/hide the ProgressIndicator and all the dirty components will be redrawn at the end of this last poll.

Do not that the example 5.65 in the linked chapter of the book is missing synchronized blocks. You should always synchronize on the application instance when modifying components from an outside thread. I created a
about this omission.