ProgressIndicator on main/first page causes app to reload infinitely

In my application init() method, I add a custom login panel to the main window. The login panel has a ProgressIndicator on it. When I run the app with TouchKit, the main/first page keeps reloading over and over, restarting the application. This problem did not occur when I wasn’t using TouchKit. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?

I am really having trouble with this. I am finding that if I add a ProgressIndicator, or a Refresher to the first/main page of my TouchKit application, the entire application page reloads and the application restarts at the polling interval. Instead of just refreshing the main page, the app thinks it needs to reload the URL, and the application restarts. I have no idea why this is happening. It wasn’t happening when I was using the standard application servlet. It only happens when using TouchKit.

Are ProgressIndicator and Refresher not supported on TouchKit? Or, am I not allowed to use these widgets on the first page of a TouchKit app?

After a process of elimination, I have figured out why the application is reloading. The problem happens only if I set


This seems like a huge bug in TouchKit. I looked at the TouchKit source to see if I could figure out why the infinite reloads happen when this property is true, but I couldn’t glean anything. Hopefully the Vaadin engineers know how to fix this.

It would be better if you filled a bug report :
(you need to register another account for that)
It may get lost in the forum while it will get proper attention if it reaches the bug tracker.

Don’t forget to put a link to this thread in the bug report and post back the bug number here for others to find it easily.