ProgressIndicator always sends a request

hi everybody,

I’m using a ProgressIndicator (setIndeterminate(true)), and in a Thread I simply check every 10 seconds a variable and make the indicator visible or invisible. But with the inidicator implemented, I got a Request about every second. That’s not good because I am doing lots of stuff when I get a request, therefore the performance is really decreased with the indicator.

Is there any possibility that I stop the request or that I read out, if the request comes from the indicator instead of a user action.

Thanks everyone.

Best greetings

1 second is the default polling-interval. If I remember correctly you can just extend that period by setting the polling intervall to some other value (in miliseconds).

What a shame I didn’t figure that out myself. I set the polling time to Integer.MAX_VALUE, now it works perfect. That was easy, thx :-).