Progress Indicator not shown for second time

I created an application in vaadin 7, which is just like vaadin sampler [Tree click - View Change]
. My view(form) contains around 60 components (Textfield and Combobox).
At first i invoke, application takes 2secs to render components so it automatically shows progress indicator with color change.But next time, though view takes same time to render components, it does not show progress indicator. Can anyone give solution???

Note : Time interval is more than 300 ms.

Thanks and Regards
Dineshkumar M

I have a similar problem. I have a window that when open display a ProgressIndicator, but after closing and re-opening the window, the ProgressIndicator is not showing!! Sometime it is just happening after 2 or 3 re-open of the window…
And no error message anywhere.

From what I understand, this isn’t about the ProgressIndicator component but about the “loading/busy indicator” in the top right corner of the screen that pops up when an operation takes too long, and turns from gray to yellow and then red if the operation is very slow.

What kind of server roundtrip and client side processing times do you see in the debug window when this happens (add “?debug” to the URL)?

Is this reproducible in some publicly visible Vaadin 7 application? If so, please post details on how to reproduce this (including the browser and Vaadin versions used in the test).