Production mode vs Debug mode

Hi. I have a fine building project with Jetty embedded.

  1. Project builds in Production mode. After some changes i need to make Maven’s ‘clean’ and ‘package’ to see my changes in started app. It took about 1 minute. How can i decrease this period?
  2. If i disable Production mode then my app cannot work correctly. There is NPE near DevModeHandler.getDevModeHandler() which returns null. And in package logs i cannot find string ‘DEBUG MODE’. Is it enabled? It is not so clear. [Details.]
  3. Can i speed up package in Debug mode to see my changes? Is it prefer then Production while developing?

I figured it out that in developer mode i can change CSS on the fly. In production mode i can get package to start. Also i started using HotSwap, this give me ability to change app classes on the fly. That was enough for me.