Problems with Vaadin Designer

Haven’t used Vaadin designer for some time and decided to give it a try today, but did not have much luck.

Machine 1: Mac OS Catalina, Intel, Eclipse 2020-12, JDK 1.8, Designer 4.6.2. Vaadin 14.4.6

The “Open In Vaadin Designer” button is not working. No error messages or anything. Sometimes when I start Eclipse the designer says it needs to install UI components but never completes.

I tried re-installing designer and also remove all files from .vaadin.

Machine 2: Mac OS Big Sur, M1, Eclipse 2020-12, JDK 11, Designer 4.6.2. Vaadin 14.4.6

Eclipse launches just fine, but if I try to open a vaadin design, I get the message that Vaadin Designer requires node to be installed. Node is already installed globally.

Has anybody else experienced these issues?


Yes, I am having this same problem in IntelliJ. macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, M1, IntelliJ 2021.1, Vaadin Designer plugin 4.6.4

I’ve verified that node and npm are on my path and that IntelliJ is seeing the path in the list of environment variables.