Problems with customizing TextArea in a FormLayout


I am using a FormLayout and I have problems customizing the height of that. Using the following properties of the TextArea.


Anybody knows why doesn’t work?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
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Is the TabSheet and/or FormLayout set to height 100%?

They should be.

Hi Charles,

TabSheet is at 80%, I have changed to 100%. And the FormLayout doesn’t have. I have added 100% height.

But, it persists the error.

I send you a part of my code. (2.19 KB)

Hi - you haven’t actually set the form layout to 100% height, but the formitself. Also, as an aside, you aren’t calling super(), which you probably should. Try this:

public class FormWithComplexLayout extends Form {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	public FormWithComplexLayout(BeanItem<EntrevistaInicialBean> entrevistaItem) {
		// binding al POJO mediante el BeanItem
		// Utilizar FieldFactory para customizar los campos y añadir
		// validaciones
		setFormFieldFactory(new EntrevistaInicialFieldFactory());

Hi Charles,

I have done you tell me and it is still happening.