Problems with custom widgetset

Hi guys,

I’m new in Vaadin, I study it for a few month now and now I have a problem whichs despairs me a lot :frowning:

I want to write my first own extension. I wrote the required classes of client side and of server side and definded the module descriptor. Then I compiled the new widgetset und set it on my servlet class.

Now I start my tomcat und open my application in my brower (Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m (64-bit)), but the application doesn’t start, I got the following message:

INFORMATION: Requested resource
[/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.example.testingvaadin.liveFilter.LiveFilterWidgetset/23E66350C727AF16B1EF9611E5C2FC08.cache.js] not found from filesystem or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder.

The *.cache.js file in my compiled widgetset folder called something different, he seems to try loading an older compiled js file. It seems to be a refresh problem to me, the javascript file seems to be cached somewhere. But where and why? What is my mistake?

Thanks for help!

Maybe it’s not a refresh problem: I started my application in the internet explorer (Version 11) and it’s like in Chrome, it does’nt start, just spinning the preloader…

Anyone an idea? :confused:

Hi folks

I have the same issue despite having cleaned and resynced everything I can think off.

The missing cache.js file isnt on my system as far as I can tell so it isnt a mix up in folders etc. The widget compile appears to be working fine.

Any clues?


OK, finally worked this out…

For some reason when I rebuilt the widgetset it was using an old value in the nocache.js

These lines were incorrect…

try {
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘none’, ‘gecko1_8’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’);
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘yes’, ‘gecko1_8’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’ + ‘:1’);
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘none’, ‘ie10’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’ + ‘:2’);
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘none’, ‘ie8’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’ + ‘:3’);
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘none’, ‘ie9’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’ + ‘:4’);
unflattenKeylistIntoAnswers([‘none’, ‘safari’]
, ‘89A57ADCACA99947034C266240AF9349’ + ‘:5’);
strongName = answers[computePropValue(‘modernie’)]
var idx = strongName.indexOf(‘:’);
if (idx != -1) {
softPermutationId = parseInt(strongName.substring(idx + 1), 10);
strongName = strongName.substr

I deleted the whole widgetset entry in Vaadin.widgetsets and rebuilt the widgetset. This created the fixed files in the nocache.js (and everything else).

However, when I published it to Tomcat nothing changed, it appears that tomcat wasn’t getting updated. I deleted the tomcat copy and republished; now everything seems to be work correctly.