problems Option group in a table

Hello All,

I am trying to implement the Option Group with only one item into it.
then I have added as a table generated column, my table is in window.

I am facing the following problems:

  1. How to add single item in OptionGroup without caption ?
  2. In table I have 4 rows means four items, on each item i have single radio button.
    my scenario is if I select first row radio button remaining rows radio button should be unselected.
    That means at a time one row should be selected. Likewise if I select another row radio button the previous selected row radio button should be unselected.

Can you please help me on this how i can build this?

Thanks in Advance.

Removing caption:

optionGroup.setItemCaption(itemId, ""); As for updating the other OptionGroups, I suppose you could save reference of each OptionGroup to some collection and add them all a ValueChangeListener that sets the value null if the event wasn’t triggered by that particular OptionGroup.