Problem with WebCamForVaadin

Hello friends!

I’m trying to use the add-on WebCamForVaadin, but how much access the application that contains the add-on, I get the following error message from the browser:

Can not call method ‘toString’ of undefined: fxwebcamforvaadinPID_SVAADIN_WEBCAM_PID name: fxwebcamforvaadinPID_SVAADIN_WEBCAM_PID

I’m using gwt-2.5 and the vaadin-6.8.2

Has anyone had the same problem with this add-on?

I’m using the sample project developer’s own and still get the error mentioned above.

And probably because of this error, when I click on the camera icon, the method onImageReady () is not called.

Hi Rick! Thank you for your interest on my add-on. It has been quite a while when I last worked with it and I fear that it might not be fully compatible with Vaadin 6.8.X

I think, I could effort some time trying to migrate the add-on on the Vaadin 7… Do you need especially Vaadin 6 compatible version of the add-on?


HI Johannes,

I would be interested in a Vaadin 7 version of the addon.

I actually tried the Quick Migration guide on the site extending LegacyConnector and keeping the UIDL code etc and the component is loading fine.

The issue i do have is the size selector for setting the camera size does not work and the red icon “camera.png” is not showing for taking the shot. Any idea what i might have missed?


hi, I’m also working on migrating this add-on to vaadin 7 but I’m facing problems in client-server communication.

Have u solved yours?