Problem with vaadin-component-factoryvcf-nav npm packge

I’m working with vaadin 22.0.24 and Java8, node version 15.3.0 when I try to compile the project I get the next error:
Failed to find the following imports in the node_modules tree:
- @vaadin-component-factory/vcf-nav
If the build fails, check that npm packages are installed.

To fix the build remove package-lock.json and node_modules directory to reset modules.
In addition you may run npm install to fix node_modules tree structure.
And the compilation task fails.

Just an uneducated guess: that addon was never tested for Vaadin < 23

Right, but how to remove that dependency? I’m not using, well I think.

There has to be a java class annotated with “vcf-nav”, you can remove that and are good to go

omg! Thanks.