Problem with tree

Hi and happy new year,

new year new questions. Can anybody tell me how to set on a Tree a property.
On a TreeItem i can call a methode setItemProperty but i must give a interface Property or something. But i can implements the interface. I don´t know to use this function. But i need to give my item a hidden key. If the user select a item i will start a action. The Tree build with Objects and i need the object in the action after selection.
What can i do ?

And a another question:

On my tree the items with no children have also a triangle, where you can expand them but there are nothing to expand. How can i delete it ?

Thanks for your help,
Dominik Grimmeisen

the first problem is fixed…

Know only the triangle problem exists.

i can fix both problems …

To provide answers to those that find this thread later on with similar issues.

The first issue can be fixed with either putting the key as itemId or adding a property to the item itself, so either tree.addItem(theKey); or if you need the itemId to be something else, tree.addContainerProperty(“theKey”) Item item = tree.addItem(object); item.getItemProperty(“theKey”).setValue(key);

The second issue is fixed by calling tree.setChildrenAllowed(Object itemId, boolean areChildrenAllowed) on those items that doesn’t have children.