Problem with the Paged table.

Hello All,

I had a problem with the paged table. When I am loading the paged table it is showing 25 lines per page. I want only 10 line per page. How can I sort it out.

I tried


I had 10 to 15 screens with tables. for the 1st screen it is showing 5 lines per page and for the rest it is showing 25 lines per page.Is there any way that i can solve this problem with css or code.

To clarify; do you call setPageLength(10) on all your tables in all the views, or just one? Since each table is a separate object, you need to configure each one separately; there is no global configuration for Vaadin components.

If you want to change the default page length you need to create your own PagedTable class with your own command in the constructor, and use that class instead.