Problem with size of layout

Hi everybody,

I work with Vaadin 7 since a few month and I have a little problem with sizing layouts.

I work with ?debug mode and I don’t have problems. My layouts are all with setSizeFull() but when a VerticalLayout has a fixed size into a lyout with a “setSizeFull” size, my VerticalLayout is ouside from his father (like the screenshot).

I don’t understand where is my mistake. Normally, if i define a size for a layout which is into a layout sized “full” or “100%”, the sized “full” layout would take just more space but it take the same space as before.

Thanks for help and sorry for my english.

Hi Remy. Welcome to the the world of Vaadin, and especially to the magical land of Vaadin layouts :wink:

It would help if you could be a little bit more descriptive on the exact layout hierarchy you have, and perhaps provide a code sample for creating it.

Your picture alone doesn’t tell that much. I’m just guessing, but if the “father” layout of the overflowing VerticalLayout is a CssLayout, you should note that the width/height of 100% cannot be more than what the parent element (or layout) width/height is as the CssLayout has by default the
overflow: hidden;
style. If this is the case, you could try to call
or setting
overflow-y: visible
for that CssLayout.

I recommend reading the
layout sizing
chapter from the Book of Vaadin.