Problem with ShortCuts of same components

I have a panel with TextField. When user press Enter I have to do something. There are more then one panels in application. I have problem - TextField from first Panel intercept ENTER from all TextFields. See attachments.

In other case when Panels are placed in differents TabSheets and I press Enter on second TextField I get next message

com.vaadin.event.ConnectorActionManager handleAction WARNING: Ignoring action for disabled connector com.vaadin.ui.TextField (13.2 KB)


It really looks like this could be a bug. I tried it out and the first panel’s Textfield always takes precedence for handling the action. Feel free to file a bug for it, if not already done:

I’ve send ticked. But problem has been solved by using this trick

That was an interesting workaround :slight_smile:

what is your ticket id about this problem?

I have problem with TabSheet in following situation:
TextField is focused in first tab
I programmatically add second tab
blur listener on text field in first tab will not be fired.

I think this is a bug.