Problem with Serbian Latin in DateField component


I quite a lot time testing and trying to find a solution for Serbian Latin problem for DateField component. Problem isn’t in Vaadin framework. I could get Latin representation of date and month names. Finally i try to extend core Vaadin servlet, service and communication manager. I intercept initialUIDL message and replace locales part of message witch is for SR (not SR_RS) locale date. This date is in Cyrillic form but we also use latin representation.

I try everything on JAVA level to avoid this behevior. Make some SPI to form new local. Use ICU4J and finally use JAVA 7. But nothing to make me happy to see in InlineDateField latin letters.

Following Eclipse project contains hack for this situation. If we set in VaadinSession locale to SR then everything functioning well and I finally see latin text in component.

Bye! (13.4 KB)