problem with removeAllItems()

Please look to the watches window.
There are 2 identical attribSelector.removeAllItems() methods that throw different values.
Watches created one after the other without stepping of debug cursor.
I had same problem with many other methods of Select.
So, if i start my programm without debug i have exception, but when i use debug and stop on this method and create new watch, it works fine.
Sorry for my English)

same problem with other method

Please, help!

I’m afraid I’d don’t fully understand the problem - but, clearly, removeAllItems is a method. If you call it twice, you might get two separate results. If you put the method call in the watch expressions part of an IDE twice, it is entirely possible it will be called twice - giving you two different results.

Placing a direct method call in a watch part of a Debugger is simply asking for trouble, IMHO.