Problem with pom.xml file

I have problem with plugins on pom.xml file. IntelliJ can’t find this plugin.
message.txt (9.44 KB)

You are missing the version definition. Additionally IDEA often needs a refresh once you change the pom (top right side the first button with the refresh icon)

still don’t work

maven logo to update change on pom.xml file don’t to appear

I have also this problem, I think this is result of problem with pom.xml file

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The problem has nothing to do with your error in your pom


Spring can’t identify your class “” as bean. Probably wrong package or not annotated with a scannable annotation

Thank you, I will check this, do you think that I must resolve this error with pom.xml file to correct work of my app?

The other issue is no issue perse, just an IDE being stupid :sweat_smile:

That was I thinking, I would like to correct work of my app, but in meantime I saw this ‘’issue” in my pom.xml file and I was started looking there.


Thank you for help I’ll check package in SecurityService class

Problem is solved, I had to add @Component upper my class → import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;

in SecurityService class