Problem with Notification after updating version 14 to last 14.x


I was using version 14.4.7, I updated to last 14.x version, 14.8.19, but after this Notification animation does’t work anymore. I attach two gif before/after to give an idea:

The problem is if I add some component to the Notification, if for example I use:

Notification notification = new Notification();
notification.setDuration(4 * 1000);
notification.add(new VerticalLayout(new Span(“FOOBAR”)));;

This will cause the problem.

But if I use just text, like notification.setText(“Test FOOBAR”); this doesn’t cause the problem with the animation.

In my real case I am adding some components that are “wrapped” in a VerticalLayout to the notification and I have the problem that is showed on the second gif.

Thanks for the help.

it’s no a big problem, the notification works, but IMHO it was better, as visual effect, as it was before

I suppose the same behaviour is on v23.x too, I tested the update to this version time ago and I remember I had the same issue

I found someone else just report the issue