Problem with multiple AbsoluteLayouts: Button not clickable

Hej guys,

I ran into a strange problem today, trying to use several absoluteLayouts for an Interface which is divided into a left, top, right and main View area.

Thanks to the new Vaadin Designer I can easily share the layout:


Top Button Left Right Button View Area Button [/code]As you can see - although leftArea absolute layout is restricted to a width of 100px its wrapper goes over the whole width of the parent container and prevents the Button in topArea from being clicked.

Any thoughts about how I can resolve this? Except from styling the different absoluteLayouts with CSS?

Use only top and left value for position. Remove right and bottom.

<v-absolute-layout width="100px" _id="leftArea" :top="0px" :left="0px">

If left wrapper defines top, left, bottom and right with 0, it means it’ll take the full area of its parent.

Also, by default designer only sets top and left for position.

Thank you very much for the response!