Problem with maven plugin and superdevmode (Vaadin 7.1.10)


I am trying to get superdevmode working with my vaadin 7.1.10 project. My problem is that I cannot get any changes I do in code to client in browser (after saving code and reloading on browser)

Here’s what I did:

with every reload on browser, I can see on console that codeserver is compiling one permutation, and linking it to:

All parts seem to work, I dont see any errors, but I found that what codeserver does to its “cache” (long path above), dont change between compilations - widgetset is same for all compile-versions.

Which makes me think problem would be at location which codeserver is checking for code changes.

I checked that when I save .java file, .class file is compiled to target/classes like it is supposed to.

I guess I should adjust “source or class”-path for codeserver, but I cannot figure out how to do that for maven-vaadin-plugin.

Pom.xml I use for web-project is from what vaadin-maven archetype generated, only added few more dependecies.