Problem with license

Hi, I’m trying to pass a license key in system property but without success. I have tried -Dvaadin.proKey=pro-XXX -Dvaadin.proKey=/ -Dvaadin.offlineKey= also i put in .vaadin offlineKey but every time i start the application my browser pops up and asks me to log in. Ultimately I want to set it in jenkins therefore i need to set key in system property.

What Vaadin version and browser are you using?

The second version with email/pro- work perfectly fine if supplied e.g. as maven parameter for Jenkins

I have vaadin 23.0.4 version

and i using gradle

That should explain it - the oldish 23.0 had problems where the login though the browser didn’t work correctly, that’s why the license check in newer (supported) 23.2+ versions was Changed

Ok, that explains a lot, I will try to change the version and let you know if it helped

Ok I updated vaadin to 23.2.12, and I have gradle parameter -Dvaadin.proKey=email/pro-XXX but still while build task test starts (I’m using TestBench) my browser pops up and asks me to log in

Ok when i pass the key in environment variables it started working it’s be ok for me