Problem with layouts in a popup Window


maybe this is an easy question but I can’t figure out where is the problem.
I have a popup Window with a dynamically generated content.
In the popup I want to have a header with some information on the top left and other information on the top right.
Then in the body I have some content with a variable width.

The problem is that if the body width is less than the header width, the header is truncated.
I was expecting the popup to adjust its width to the minimum required size in order to present the header and the body with no scrollbars.

I have attached a test case to show how I have specified the dimensions.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !

Daniel (2.04 KB)


I ran your test application and here’s the resulting screen. To me it looks like it should. I used v.7 beta4.

Hi Jouni.

I forgot to mention that I am developing with version 6.7.7 on IE7/IE8.

I will try to find if it is a problem solved in v. 7 and that if I can apply the solution to 6.7.7.

For the moment my workaround is to put an invisible 1px Label with a width set to the minimum size required by my header.