Problem with eclipse and vaadin composite


First I’m new to the world of vaadin, but I already have experience with C#, it’s look the same.
I have succefuly install Eclipse Juno(not prefered) with vaadin and tomcat 6 and jre.

I was able to compile vaadin web project, the problem is when I want to use the visual designer.

I add a new vaadin composite file, now I can go to the design mode and start dropping control. when done and I click on another .java file, the design tab juste desapear and I’m no longer able to design again even if I click on the file again.

also when I design I want to load this design instead of my defaul .java file how can I do that ?

it is possible to use tomcat and php file at the same time ? because most of the website that I host use php file.

note that I use windows 8 and and I use tomcat 6 for windows.

sorry for my english it’s not my first language.

thanks for your help.

The design tab is only available if the java file was opened with the vaadin editor. java files by default are opened with the java editor. Only custom components should be opened with the vaadin editor which has the design tab.

To open a class with the vaadin editor, right click on the class in navigator and select vaadin editor from “Open With”.

Thanks for your help. but I have another error “Not editable CustomComponement” , Seem that other have same problem.


Visual designer is only compatible w/ V6 custom components. If you’ve used any V7 features (i.e. used the new ContentMode enum for labels), you won’t be able to open the component in the visual designer.