Problem using invient-charts


I’m trying to use the
Add-on but fail miserably.

I’m always getting the following error message:

The problem is that I am using Netbeans. I have difficulties in understanding how to install the plugin at all. Here is what I did:

  1. Downloaded the add-on
  2. Added invientcharts-0.8.3.jar to the classpath

And now the trouble begins: The zip file contains additional folders and files, e.g.:

Even after reading
, I have no clue where to put these files and what to do?

Can someone please explain me how to get this add-on working in netbeans?

Thank you in advance!


The widget set is either not compiled or installed properly. The
Using Add-ons in Netbeans
which you mentioned has the basic instructions.

Some diagnostic steps:

  1. Check that web.xml has the combining project widget set class in the “widgetset” parameter, such as “com.example.myapp.widgetset.MyAppWidgetSet”, depending on your project name.
  2. Remove the widget set directories under VAADIN/widgetsets/ directory
  3. Recompile the widget set with the build-widgetset.xml script
  4. Check that all widget sets to be included are found from the class path
  5. Check that the widget class that was missing is listed in the output with the other widgets included in the widget set
  6. Check that there are no errors
  7. Check that the .gwt.xml descriptor file of the combining project widget set contains lines for all the required widget sets (the file is automatically generated by the script)

  8. Check that the VAADIN/widgetsets/ directory contains the same widget set sub-directory
  9. Check using Firebug (or equivalent) in the Net tab that the correct widgetset is actually loaded when you load the page and not some other


thank you for your answer.
I have some difficulties understanding what you have written:

  1. You say remove the widget set under VAADIN/widgetsets/. My question is:
    Where can I find the VAADIN directory?
    There seem to be differences between eclipse and netbeans. Here’s a screenshot of my Netbeans project:

  2. Is it usually necessary to recompile add-ons or are they usually ready to download & plug them into your application?
    I do not have any difficulties with server-side-only add-ons such as data containers but this is the first time I am using a client-side add-on.

Can no-one help me on this issue, especially on the /VAADIN folder question?
This problem drives me nuts.

I am not using NetBeans, but it should probably come under “Web Pages”, in parallel with WEB-INF. If you have never compiled a widgetset in the project nor created your own theme, there probably isn’t such a directory yet.

Yes, it is necessary to recompile the client side javascript (widgetset) when you take new client-side widgets into use. There are numerous old threads about this on the forum, and
the book
also provides information about widgetsets and compiling them.

Can you post your web.xml file?

If you are using build-widgetset.xml file (as mentioned
Vaadin AddOns with NetBeans
) then check value of property client-side-destination. This property defines where /VAADIN folder will be created and the widgetset will be compiled.

Hope this helps.