Problem using Invient charts add-on


I am trying to use the Invient charts add-on in my application.
But, it seems I am missing something.

I use vaadin-6.7.1 and invientcharts-0.8.5
I develop on Eclipse and I use the Vaadin plug-in.

In order to use InvientCharts, I :

  • Create a servlet extending ApplicationServlet
  • Add this servlet in my web.xml
  • Add the line “” in my widgetset file

I add the same code as the one present in the invientcharts demo, but, when I arrive on my screen, I have an error :

30-nov.-2011 14:24:20 com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.AbstractCommunicationManager handleVariableBurst
ATTENTION: Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID76

The InvientCharts demo site works correctly.

Both projects are linked to the same GWT jar files.

So, I do not know what I can miss here

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks in advance



I’ve found the problem.
It seems that the application had a problem to load the js files.
Now, in the servlet, I retrieved them thanks to