Problem Rendering Table In IE After Resizing Or Scrolling


We use Vaadin 6.8.11 within a Liferay 6.0.6.
Now I observed a strange phenomenon:

On the main application window, there is a table that has a generated column containing an action button in each row. The table has e.g. 90 entries, visible (-> pageLength) are only 4.

Now I navigate to the bottom of the table rows, using the table’s vertical scrollbar.

The first strange behavior happens if I resize the browser window: In Internet Explorer (tested with IE 7, IE 10) the table automatically moves back to the first row / page, while in Firefox (31.0) the representation of the page is correct, ie unchanged!

Probably the next behavior is related to the same error cause:
When you click on one of the buttons a subwindow is opened that covers completely the table in the main window. When I close this subwindow, in Firefox the table in the main window is displayed correctly. In Internet Explorer you can see

  1. the scroll bar jumps back to the top page!
  2. the whole table is empty! Even an added refreshRowCache () when closing the subwindow has no affect of displaying something.
    With the limited posibilities in the (free) “DebugBar” add-on, I can see that the table entries are present in the DOM - but the rendering fails or is not carried out.

Does anyone know about this problem or even a workaround ??

Thank you and best regards