Problem Label contentMode HTML with Refresher, not work

i’m trying Refresher Add On to doing refreshing my label in period of time.
my label is content HTML string like this :

The label will displaying image. Why i’m using HTML string to put image in that label? Becouse i want add another parameter in my IMG Tag, it is UseMap. I’m doing imagemap in my image.
The image in label display good and imagemap is run well. But after refresh in period time, image didn’t refresh. Label just show the old image, although image in server is renew.
Why it happend? Why the label not show the new one image?
Anyone have solution?Or anyone have solution to put other parameter in our IMG tag when we will show Image in Label or in ExternalResource?


Just to let you know, there’s an actual
ImageMapWidget add-on
available for download, so you don’t need to do it with a Label, which is pretty hacky :slight_smile:

And about the image not updating, I can only suspect it’s a cache issue on the browser side. Try changing the actual image name each time it changes (append a timestamp or something like that).