Problem in vaadin plugin installation in eclipse

I have installed vaadin plugin in eclipse.
After Installation, I am not able to see Vaadin widget and vaadin widgetset as specified in
I am able to see only Vaadin Composite. Attaching a snapshot of it.
Let me know if i missed out anything.
12426.bmp (717 KB)

You should see five items under ‘Vaadin’ directly after the installation. That’s weird. My guess is that something went wrong with the installation, or you are missing some dependency or something (shouldn’t happen normally).

Try reinstalling the plugin, both through eclipse marketplace and as well directly through the ‘Install New Software…’ and ‘’.

Step for vaddin plugin in eclipse:-

!)open eclipse
2)go to help menu
3)help menu in find install new software
4)install popup window open
work with :-
pase url and add button click to write name=vaadin and url = then ok
and select name and version in chekbox to all check
then next to install vaddin

Thanks everyone.
It tried again and it got fixed, i guess there might be some issue with previous installation.
earlier i was trying through, with the url it worked… Thanks Parthiv :slight_smile: