Problem in compiling widgetset in vaadin while version is Upgraded

Hi sir ,

   I created vaadin application using vaadin netbeans plugin version 6.2.3 which is inbuilted.
   Now I upgrade the version of the  project to 6.7.6.
   Acutually i use refresher addon in my project. I follow the procedure to upgrade the version as per your site details. But when i upgrading the 
   project the refresher widgetset is not compiling , it throws error . Acutually 6.2.3 is not a separate jar file .
   It is  included in the plugin . If i remove it, then  project shows vaadin library missing . 
   If i don't remove it , refresher addon compiled successfully with the     6.2.3 jar after throwing errors that shows could not resolve the 6.7.6 jar details.
   I compiled the project using maven successfully. 

    Please give some solution to upgrade the latest version in netbeans without using maven .

Thank you all.