Problem Grid on select item open fragment on phone

Hi Guys,
I’m developing a small tool for order management. Everything works fine on Desktop browser, but where I try to run the app on phone I got an error and the fragment is not displayed. The app its based on the Bookstore Example.
Vaadin 23.3.1
Java 17
Spring Boot 2.7.7
Thanks for your help.

Problem Grid on select item open fragment on phone

Did you try the latest 23.3.5? I remember some issues in the earlier patch releases of 23.3 regarding grid

thanks Knoobie It solves the problem. <:vaadin:784055596256985100>

Are you able to reproduce the same if you make your desktop browser equally narrow? Are you using the same browser in each case?

Hi Marcus yes the same problem with the desktop browser Edge v109.0.1518.61 on Desktop and Chrome on mobile.

Ok. Can you paste any errors from the dev tools console here?

Also, check the server log to see if there’s anything interesting there

@secure-leopard it was this regression fixed in 23.3.2

This the console output Marcus