Problem compiling WidgetSet - [WARN] Widget class ... not found

Hi guys,

Every quarter, one of us has to recompile our Widgetset, and this time, the job is for … me :wacko:

This screenshot tells it all:

We use an Ant script to start the gwt Compiler class.
I’ve added:

  • the radingstars-1.2.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory.
  • a pathelement to the jar file in the ant’s classpath

The console shows the following warning:

 Widget class org.vaadin.teemu.ratingstars.gwt.client.ui.VRatingStars was not found. The component org.vaadin.teemu.ratingstars.RatingStars will not be included in the widgetset.

It seems that it has found the jar file, else how could it know about the classname?

We use Vaadin 6.2.3.

I’m a complete newbie for that kind of stuff. Does any expert out there see something obvious that I’m missing?

I’ve found my mistake.

I had a add a line in my widgetset .gwt.xml file:

 	<!-- Inherit super widgetset -->
	<inherits name="com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet" />  
    <inherits name="org.vaadin.googleanalytics.tracking.widgetset.GoogleanalyticswidgetApplicationWidgetset" />
    <inherits name="org.vaadin.teemu.ratingstars.gwt.RatingStarsWidgetset" />