Pro Account Support


I’m unclear as to how the licences for the add-ons work when purchasing Pro Account Support. I understand that the support contains licences but is this only for the duration of the support term?

For example, say I purchased a six month pro support subscription and during that time deployed an application that used one of the commercial add-ons. Once that subscription has run out, would I have to buy the add-on licence to continue using it?



Yes, you can develop solutions with the commercial Vaadin Add-ons while your Pro Account subscription is active.
When the subscription ends your right to commercial add-on licenses will seize.

If you are done with the development then you do not need purchase add-on licenses separately.
However, in case you need to further develop your application,then you would need either purchase license(s)from Vaadin Directory
re-subscribe to Pro Account.

For detailed information read
Commercial Vaadin Add-on License agreement
. Here’s the most relevant parts for your convenience;