Prevent Vaadin from expecting Widgets

Hey guys,

during the development of our brand new Vaadin Application, some strange things happen during runtime. But first things first: I am creating an Vaadin application to give our costumers the ability to work with the services we’re providing. The Application will run on apache Felix as OSGi bundles. Sometimes, it’s working like a charm but sometimes it doesn’t.

When launching felix and starting all bundles, no error occurs. Then, when I request a site (sometimes right from the beginning, sometimes a bit later), instead of showing the screen (Attachement “login_working.png”) it shows an error (Attachement “login_notWorking.png”). This is not happening solely on the login screen but on all screens (in case it takes some time).

What I’ve found out so far is that Vaadin expects the “Login” to be a widget and therefor searches the known widgetsets for this component. Most solutions on the web are telling me, I have to compile my widgets (or as stated in the error check the “@Connect” annotation). However, the Login window does not use widgets. Actually, I’m not using Widgets at all, yet.

I’ve mostly adapted this
but changed things like names and style. The general Idea of Servlet, an UIProvider and the UI itself is the same.

Is there a way to tell Vaadin that this Component is definitly not (using) a widget? The packages I’m using in maven are:

  • com.vaadin:vaadin-shared-deps:1.0.3
  • com.vaadin:vaadin-client-compiled:7.3.1
  • com.vaadin:vaadin-push:7.3.1
  • com.vaadin.external.atmosphere:atmosphere-runtime:2.1.2.vaadin5
  • com.vaadin.external.slf4j:vaadin-slf4j-jdk14:1.6.1
  • org.jsoup:jsoup:1.7.3
  • com.vaadin:vaadin-server:7.3.1
  • com.vaadin:vaadin-shared:7.3.1

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.

Greetings Kenneth

Does noone have any clue why Vaadin is searching for a widgetset instead of just showing the added Component?