Prevent moving unbuffered grid editor

How to prevent moving unbuffered editor in grid to another row if not all column validators are satisfied?
In unbuffered mode, only the validator of the current column is checked.

This is intended behavior. Idea of the unbuffred mode is to function more like editing canvas. That is why it works differently from buffered mode editor.

How can I call the binder.validate() upon attempt to switch to another row so that the movement is impossible?

This is necessary for me because I want to navigate with the help of the arrows, and the addon fastGrindavigionion uses unbuffered mode.

Which Vaadin version you use?


I became curious since I actually tested this with GridFastNavigation’s demo app by adding couple of validators with Binder, and it seems to work as you requested. I.e. if there is validation error, the editor row is not moving.