Preload items in ComboBox


when you open a ComboBox, a request is sent to the server side to retrieve the data to display. Sometimes that can take a few ms too long and the UI seems sluggy that way… Is there a possibility (without using NativeSelect) to preload the items (at least first page if there are more) so the popup list will open immediately?


I am quite new to the subject but my understanding is that the select is using a container to get the data. You could load the data for the container anywhere you want, just need to make sure you pass it to where you actually want to use it.

Kepp in mind the volume that you are loading and how you manage that data (session, global…).


For me the initialisation by FormFieldFactory like that runs pretty smoothly:

ArrayList<String> arraylistwithItems = new ArrayList<String>();
ComboBox comboBox = new ComboBox(

hope that helps