Possible bug with Chrome and component listeners

We have a view in our application with a tree, a panel and a ComboBox in the panel.
Labels in the panel and the content in the ComboBox is updated as the user clicks on items in the tree.
However, we have found a discrepancy in how the view acts between Firefox and Chrome.
In Chrome if you have an item selected in the tree, clicks the drop down on the ComboBox and then clicks on another item in the tree, the Tree.ValueChangeListener wont kick in until you click on the ComboBox.

This problem is not present in Firefox but it is in Chrome. The product of this is that the contextual navigation to the user is interrupted and
any selected item in the ComboBox will be available for tree items that it shouldn’t be available to, which poses a problem.

Is this a known bug? If I need to provide more information then please ask.