Possible bug in ListSelect ->setContainerDataSource

Hi folks,

i’ve experienced a little problem when using a ListSelect:
i use it on a Form and feed it with different DataSources. When selecting an entry, i get the correct RowId, lets say its ID 1 in the first DataSource (IDs 1-5).
Then i change the DataSource via lstListSelect.setContainerDataSource((SQLContainer)myNewSourceContainer) and the ListSelect still rememberst the former selected Item, although the (new) ListSelect shows correct items without selections.

I request the current item via lstListSelect.getValue();

In my opinion, this should return null, but it actually returns 1 (the old ID, though the new Container holds IDs from 10-15 or something)

Have i made a mistake or is this intended this way? is there a command to “reset” the selection?

Thanks in advance,