Possibility of free use of Vaadin

With Vaadin Core, is it possible to create an application with the following?:

  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Tables with lazy-loading
  • Rich editor
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Yes, if you use community add-ons for some of those requirements or build them yourself based on an enormous JavaScript ecosystem available to be included.


Absolutely! Half of my customers projects are using the free version

To be more specific:

  • Reports: You could use the Grid Exporter Addon using custom templates, or just create a report with Jasper Reports, based on the contents of a grid.
  • Charts: You have at least three different alternatives:
  1. Apex Charts
  2. SO Charts
  3. ChartJS
  1. CKEditorVaadin
  2. TinyMCEditorForVaadin
  3. TrixEditor



For reporting I directly use LibrePDF much faster if you create a base class with common methods