Position of Tray Notification


is it possible to set the position of the tray notifications globally to a new vertical coordinate, e.g. via CSS?

The selection of 7 different positions that you can give with setPosition() are hard-coded in the style attribute of the notification element (v-Notification-tray). You should be able to override them in CSS if you put the !important option in the properties that you modify.

However, IE 6 and 7 do not support the !important option.

Based on what information? I’ve never heard of such a limitation.

You can also shift the position of the notification using regular CSS margins.

Oh, OK, thanks for the correction. I probably misunderstood some notes regarding !important (
). There’s also some notes of some
IE 6 bugs
regarding !important, but they seem to be just in some special cases.

Good point that you can also set the margins.

Thank you, this works fine.