Position of horizontal scrollbar inside panel being scrolled

First of all, yes, I did post this same question yesterday, but I reworded the topic to try to get across that I am not talking about the scrolling position ( controlled via the Scrollable interface, for instance ), but the position of the actual scrollbar used to do the scrolling itself.
Let’s say we have a horizontally scrolling panel, but the bottom of the panel as off the screen. Thus, the scrollbar is position so far down that it is off the screen. Is there a way to do one or more of the following:

  1. Position the scrollbar at the top AND bottom of the panel instead of just the bottom of the panel
  2. Move the scrollbar from the bottom of the panel to the top of the panel
  3. Make the scrollbar hover at bottom of browser window ( which will not be the bottom of the panel, as stated above )

Thanks. Can be mildly irritating being forced to scroll to the bottom of a panel just to scroll it horizontally, because then you have to scroll up to see what ever data you wanted to see.