Portlet init() Method delayed by Instantiating some Classes, ProgressIndica

Hi at all,
I am writing my portlets with vaadin 7.1 on liferay 6.2, the implement PortletListener and extend UI.

In my init() I load all the needed contents. I also would like to instantiate two adapters which connect to external web services on portlet startup. When i put these on the bottom of init() they prevent the portlet form loading until they have finished their connection attemps (what can take half a minute). Within that time nothing else is done. No content appears at all. Also showing some notification (“wait blabla”) does not work.

Does anyone have an idea, how i can load these classes on startup without letting them delay the whole portlet?

Regarding the topic, are you having trouble getting ProgressIndicator to work, or trying to find some other way to do it? If ther former, have you checked out the ProgressIndicator
in sampler? You can access the sources in the upper right corner of the page (the scroll icon). If the latter, there are many ways for dealing with threads, and I’m not entirely certain whether they all work well with portlets (I haven’t touched those in a while), so I hope someone else has some insight there. Google has quite a bit to say about Vaadin and threading, too, so you might find some useful examples that way as well.

The ProcessIndicator per se is not the problem. I just think that it would be a good solution to show that the user has to wait a couple of seconds. I tried to use it by calling it above calling my two adapters, but i found out that absolutely nothing is shown until init() finished completely.
I am not familiar with threading (but of course i could get if necessary). So, if i would start a new thread out of the init(), would the init itself finish then independent from that thread?