Portlet 2.0 - problem with PopupDateField in IE9

We have portlet (portlet 2.0; Vaadin ver. 6.5.4) with PopupDateField. In Firefox everything works fine, but on IE9 this portlet is empty - it’s not rendering… We check which component causes this behaviour - it was PopupDateField. When we change IE9 to work in compability mode, then portlet works fine. This is a bug or maybe some settings in IE need to be set?

GWT added native support for IE9, and Vaadin 6.6.0 was the first Vaadin jar that uses GWT 2.3. You could test if upgrading the Vaadin jar would fix the issue. That would at least narrow the possible issues down a bit.

Thanks, after update to version 6.6.0 all portlets work fine in IE9.