Portal-push with Vaadin8 and Liferay7


We’re trying to get portal-push working in Liferay7, but with no success.

What we’ve already done:
- Downloaded the sources of portal-push from the github repo
- Changed the pushUrl so it matches the servlet adresses in Liferay7 ==> /o/Push
- Registerd a serviceTracker that register our pushPortlet that extends VaadinOSGiPortlet
- In the @Activate method of our pushPortlet, we registered a Servlet (that extends PushServlet)

After deployment, we got the following errors :

WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:8080/o/PUSH?v-uiId= 0&v-pushId=d2e51360-86eb-4681-8974-ff417be41fc4&X-Atmosphere-tracking-id= 0&X-Atmosphere-Framework=2.3.2.vaadin1-javascript&X-Atmosphere-Transport= websocket&X-Atmosphere-TrackMessageSize=true&Content-Type= application/json;%20charset=UTF-8&X-atmo-protocol=true' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 501 and

com.vaadin.client.communication.MessageHandler SEVERE: Response didn't contain a server id. Please verify that the server is up-to-date and that the response data has not been modified in transmission. Have anyone already tried to make push work with portlets in Liferay7?
Is this a good approach of making it work ?

Thank you.

Hi Perda,

IIRC the portal push add-on was designed for LR6, so making it work on LR7 probably isn’t straightforward as it is quite a different beast.

If you don’t have the skills to hack into this by yourself, I’d add an issue to the
github page of the project
. I know the author loves tough challenges :wink:


Thank you for your reply, the
is now open and
the source code on github