PopupView as a window


I implemented a popupview component. This has currently implemented like:
PopupView.Content content = new PopupView.Content() {
public String getMinimizedValueAsHTML() {
return “<img src="ui/page/images/joinus.gif" />”;

            public Component getPopupComponent() {
            	Panel panel = new Panel("Join us...");
            	VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout() ;
                                 ... (some code)

return panel;

This comes fine but has a behavior of going away as soon as the mouse is out of the panel. This also results in data lost which was editied/entered by user in the popup fields. I want that data to be restored if user re-clicks the link to see the popup again. any suggestions?

any updates on this please?

This is the default behaviour, but you can change that with PopupView. setHideOnMouseOut(boolean).

Actually, now data loss should happen, since the PopupView will cause blur events on all fields inside the popup when the popup is closed. So if you do not reset the field values each time you open the popup, the data should be there. You can see this behaviour in Sampler:
Sampler: PopupView content modes