PopupDateField - Popup Calendar doesn't go away on value selection


I am using PopupDateField in a couple of applications. In one of them, it is working just as I expect it should.

In the other application though, after I select a date in the Popup Calendar, the value in the textfield changes appropriately, but the Calendar display itself stays on the screen and will not go away.

I cannot see what I am doing differently with PopupDateField between my two applications that would cause the behavior of the popup calendar to be different.

What would or could cause the calendar display to be persistent on the screen? And is there a way to get rid of it when it does?


Actually, it appears that NONE of my popups will go away. My notifications are not going away either.

Any clues would be helpful.



are there any errors in the JavaScript console that would help narrow this down?


No errors and only one warning.