PopupDatefield not showing days and months

Hello guys, i have a PopupDatefield in my vaadin app, but when i open the date chooser, it shows all the days and months as “null”. I have attached a picture for you to see.

Can anyone help me solving this problem?

This is my code:

PopupDateField filter = new PopupDateField();
filter.setInputPrompt(“Seleccionar primer día”);
filter.setDescription(“Seleccione el primer día de la semana”);

Does it work without the DateFormat? I have a suspicion that’s your issue.

No it doesn’t, i have tried also removing everything else, and still same issue

thanks for your help

What is your server locale string? How about the locale string of the browser? Have you set the locale explicitly for any components?

Vaadin tries to register and send to the client information about the used locales in advance so that weekday and month names are available on the browser side, but maybe there is a problem with the locale (this information not available from Java Locales for that locale string) or maybe some other issue in how the locales to send are selected etc. I haven’t seen anything like this before, though.

Hi, guys!
Today i faced exactly the same problem.
An interesting fact is, that the same sourcecode-basis does work properly on a jboss7.13 running on win-7,
but does show descripted behaviour on a jboss7.13 running on linux.
If i do “locale” on linux-machine, i get “LANG=de_DE.UTF-8”, which seems correct to me.
Any ideas?

My server locale is: “en_US.UTF-8”

i also tried setting the locale by code, using different locales, but nothing happened, i still get the error

If you manage to connect a remote debugger to the server, put a breakpoint in com.vaadin.server.LocaleService.createLocaleData(Locale) and see if it finds the day and month names etc. I suspect DateFormatSymbols of your JRE does not return correct data for the locale. If using a remote debugger is not an option in your environment, you could copy the class to the same package in your project and add some logging to the method until you find whether the problem is there.

You could also try with locale name “en_US” without the “.UTF-8” in case that makes a difference with the JRE (and possibly server) you are using.

Knowing the exact JRE version might be useful - locales have certainly had their share of bugs in various JRE versions, although for very common locales like en_US I would find such surprising.

local (win-8): 1.7.17-b02 —> works fine
test (win-7): 1.7.13-b20 —> works fine
live (linux): 1.7.21-b11 —> works not

i don’t think the problem is from the locale or the JRE, because i created a new vaadin project, using the “Click me” example, and added a PopupDatefield and it works fine, so it has to be something in my project.

Also FYI the issue is on my develop computer (win7) and same issue if i upload to the production server (linux)

Any ideas?

If it happens on your development computer, it should be easy to check whether it is locale related by putting a breakpoint where I suggested.

The only other possibility I can think of right now without more information is if your widgetset has not been compiled for the Vaadin version you are using, which could cause all kinds of strange problems.