PopupDateField - get assigned date time ?

I have a question regarding the popupdatefield component.

I have added one to my subwindow and I have assigned it a value and it works just fine. However I am a little confused when it comes to querying the value (date) that is has assigned by the user.

If I read back the date using .getvalue() when I have
not interacted
with the calendar at all it comes back in the format
2012-04-02 22:09:13.0

if I change the date visually on screen and then query the value it comes back in the format
Mon Apr 09 22:09:13 BST 2012

I need to be able to parse the string back into a datetime and the variable format is giving me a headache

I tried

Date date = new SimpleDateFormat(popupDateField_DueDate.getDateFormat(), popupDateField_DueDate.getLocale()).parse(popupDateField_DueDate.getValue().toString());

but this just gives a parsing error

Strange you can assign a datetime to the control but not get one back

It seems as though .getDateFormat in both cases is coming back as yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss even when the value.toString() is returning Mon Apr 09 22:09:13 BST 2012

Is this a bug ?

The PopupDateField returns a java.util.Date as its value. Try using that instead of casting it to a string.

Ah indeed - that did the trick.

Many thanks