PopupDateField dropdown calendar initial date


I’m trying to set the initial date and time of a PopupDateField’s dropdown when the input is empty, but I don’t find any setter fot this. I want to set the time to the start (00:00) or the end (23:59) of the day, so the user don’t have to set this value manually for this common cases.

Any hint on haw can this be achieved?



I found that the way PopupDateField converts the text value to a Date is a bit unfriendly for customization…

Not quite the same as what you required , but I had a requirement for the Customer to pick end of the month etc… So made a simple alternative to PopupDateField using PopupView. But with this CusomtDateField you could someply make a DateToStringConverter that popuplates the correct time for you…

15602.java (2.56 KB)
15603.java (11.6 KB)