PopupDateField conversion error message not changing

Vaadin 7.1.7 in use.

Use component com.vaadin.ui.PopupDateField in UI.
Locale set to Finland locale.

If date is manually written into field in wrong format an error indicator and message is shown.
The message is in english ‘Date format not recognized’.

I have tried to set conversion error message with setConversionError() method.
It has no effect at all to the shown message.

Is there a bug?

I notice e.g. Ticket #8100 (closed enhancement: worksforme) from 2 years ago and last comment from 8 montsh ago saying it is not working.

Is there a way to localize the error message?

Component error message is working fine and can set the error message.
In case of wrong format error message is having both component error message and the ‘Date format not recognized’.

I recently resolved a similar problem with TextField and vaadin 7.1.12.
I created my custom Converter (a StringToBigDecimalConverter ), implementing the Converter interface and set it to my TextField component.
In my StringToBigDecimalConverter class a ConversionException with a custom message is thrown in case of error.
Anyway when I tried to fill my TextField in the wrong way I got this text in the error indicator instead of my custom message:

Could not convert value to {0} I resolved this problem setting the conversion-error on the textfield in this way:


The reason is simply explained in the javadoc of the AbstractField API for the setConversionError method:

I hope I have been helpful.